How to use HealthScore

Generate patient bills or invoice

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How can I generate a bill for a patient?
  • Once you check in a patient, the bill for the visit is automatically created.
  • Add bill items, such as procedures, medications, or services, along with the quantity and respective charges.
  • Once all the billing items are added, you can capture the payment and print the bill by clicking the print icon on the bill and hand over it to the patient.
  • Watch a video to know how this works -
What should I do if i added wrong bill items?
  • If you add any bill item by mistake, you can remove it by clicking the cross icon and adding the correct bill item again.
  • You can find the cross icon just next to the billing item that you have added.
What should I do if I have added an incorrect quantity for items on the bill?
  • Go to the billing section in the software.
  • To edit the bill item, you have to click the pencil icon next to it and update the quantity.
  • After saving the changes, the quantity will be updated, and you will see the updated quantity on the bill.
How can I apply for a concession after adding an item to the bill?
  • Please make sure you are in the billing section in the software.
  • To add a concession to the bill item, click the pencil icon next to it and enter the concession amount.
  • After saving the changes, the concession and billed amount will be updated, and you will see the revised amount on the bill.
How can I update the price of an item after adding it to the bill?
  • To update the price of the bill item, click the pencil icon next to it and enter the amount.
  • After saving the changes the billed amount will be updated and you will see the same on the bill.
How to capture the payment in the bill?
  • Please make sure you are logged in to the software and you are on the billing module in software.
  • After adding the bill items to the bill, you need to click the 'PYR' button on the billing page or enter a bill item as 'Payment received,' select the payment method from the dropdown, enter the amount, and add it to the bill.
How do I enable automatic payment capture?
  • On the patient's billing page, you will find the 'Share payment link' option if the billed amount is greater than 0.
  • When you click on it, the patient will receive an SMS with a payment link on their registered mobile number.
  • When the patient makes the payment through the link, payment will be automatically recorded on the patient’s bill.
  • If you do not see the 'Share payment link' option and would like to enable automatic payment links, please contact your administrator and you may also contact the HealthScore customer support team for more information.
How can I change the payment method after entering payments?
  • Once you have entered a payment in the patient's bill, you cannot change the payment method directly.
  • The only way to adjust it is to add a payment refund for the recorded payment method and then add 'Payment Received' entry with the correct payment method.
  • The payment refund button is located in billing module just below the billing items field.
How can I correct the payment that was accidentally entered twice?
  • If a payment is accidentally recorded twice, you cannot remove it directly.
  • To correct the duplicate payment, you must add a 'Payment Refund' with same payment method entry to the bill. This will adjust the recorded payment amount in the bill.
  • The payment refund button is located in billing module just below the billing items field.
How can I add additional bill items after I have printed and closed the bill?

If you want to add additional bill items after printing and closing the bill, you need to create a new bill by following the below steps:

  • On the patient bill, click on 'Actions' and select 'Add new bill.'
  • A new bill will be created for the same visit.
  • You can now add bill items and enter payments in the new bill without affecting the previously closed bill.
How do I record missed billing items/payments after the patient has checked out?

After the patient is checked out, if it is the patient's last visit, you can still make adjustments to the bill by following these steps:

  • Open the bill associated with the visit.
  • Add or remove bill items as needed.
  • Enter payments or make billing adjustments within the bill for the next 60 days. Please note that billing adjustments can only be made for the latest bill and not for older bills.
Can I add discounts for individual items on a patient's bill?
  • Yes, You can add discounts based on percentages or fixed amounts to individual items while adding the bill items to the bill.
  • If you want to apply a discount after adding an item to the bill, you can click the pencil icon to edit the item and add the discount.
How can I apply discounts to the patient's bill instead of applying discount to individual items?

You can add a payment discount to the patient's bill for the desired discount amount by following these step

  • On the billing page, click the 'Waiver' button or add a 'Payment Waiver' billing line item. Specify the amount and approver for the waiver.
  • If you do not see the "Waiver" option, please contact your administrator to enable it.
What should I do if I want to change the consulting doctor?
  • Add the new doctor's consultation item to the patient’s bill.
  • Remove the previously added consultation items for the previous doctor.
  • If the patient did not consult any doctors and there are other reasons for the visit, add "Consultation - Other Reason" to the bill and remove any previously added consultation items.
  • By following these steps, you can update the consulting doctor on the bill accordingly. However, please note that you must first add new billing items and then remove the previous ones - this process must be followed.
How can I proceed if a patient has paid part of the amount billed?
  • When you enter the payment for the amount received, the system marks the remaining balance as an outstanding payment.
  • This outstanding amount will be carried over to the next bill when you next check in with the patient next time.
  • The outstanding amount remains until the patient pays and settles the invoice.
How can I check a patient's previous bill to see billing details?
  • On the Active Visits/Search page, open the patient's record by clicking on the patient's name.
  • You will find a visit history for the patient. All of the patient's visits are listed there, and you can open the bill by clicking on the selected visit.
How can I add more payment methods on the billing page while entering payments?
  • You can add additional payment methods on the application settings page.
  • If this option isn't available, please contact your administrator to have it added
How can I add a new bill item at the time of bill generation?
  • Bill items can be created on the price list page.
  • Please contact your administrator to create new bill items.
  • Once created, all items list will appear on the billing page and you will be able to select these items and add it to bills for the patients.
Can I add another doctor's consultation when the patient is check in with a doctor?
  • Yes, you can add the desired doctor’s consultation to the bill.
  • On the billing page select the consultation item and Doctor’s name.
How can I remove an incorrect consultation item added to the bill after checkout a patient?
  • You can add 'Consultation - Other Reason' by selecting the 'Add bill item' option and remove the incorrect doctor's consultation item from the bill using the billing adjustment option.
  • Following these steps will allow you to remove the incorrect consultation item from the bill after the checkout process

How to book appointments

How can I book an appointment for a patient?
  • Go to the Appointment booking page.
  • Enter the doctor’s name and select the name from the dropdown list.
  • Select the desired appointment date and time from the calendar on the left-hand side.
  • Choose the appointment type: ‘In person’, ‘Online Consultation’, or ‘Home Visit’.
  • For registered patients, enter the patient’s name, patient ID, or mobile number to retrieve their records and proceed with booking.
Is it possible to book appointments for new patients?
  • Yes, you can book.
  • For new patients, a quick registration with name and phone number is sufficient to book an appointment. You can then update the patient’s information after the booking is complete.
  • Once entered all the details, click ‘Confirm Appointment’ to book an appointment.
How can I book recurring appointments?
  • On the appointment booking page, after selecting the appointment type as ‘In person,’ you will find an additional option labeled ‘Recurring appointments.’
  • You can choose the frequency (Daily/Monthly/Weekly), specify an end date, and select the appointment time.
  • After confirming, appointments will be booked for all the selected days, and both the doctor and patient will also receive an SMS confirmation.
Can patients book their appointments through the hospital mobile app?
  • Yes, patients have the ability to book appointments.
  • Upon logging in to the mobile app, patients need to click on the ‘Chatbot’ option available on the home screen. Within this option, they will find a ‘Book Appointment’ feature.
  • Patients have to select the Appointment type as in-person or online consultation
  • Once selected, they will be able to view a list of doctors to choose from, along with available time slots.
  • For online appointments, after slot selection, patients have the option to make immediate payment upon booking to confirm their appointment.
When I tried to book online appointments for a doctor, I got an error as “No online consultation package available for the doctor. Please create one in the price list page”. What steps should I take to resolve this error?
  • You need to set up online consultation charges for the doctor.
  • Go to Price List to create consultation charges and packages.
  • If you don’t have access, please check with your admin user to create the package for the price list page.
  • Once these steps are completed, you will be able to proceed with booking online appointments.
If a patient is unable to make the payment for an online appointment and wishes to cancel the booked appointment, how should this situation be managed?
  • Go to the ‘Manage Appointments’ page.
  • Select the date and check the ‘Blocked Appointments’ checkbox.
  • The appointment details will be displayed, click on the ‘UNBLOCK’ button to cancel the appointment.
  • Once you cancel the appointment, the patient will receive a cancellation SMS to their registered mobile number and an appointment cancellation notice in their Mobile app.
  • Once you unblock the appointment, the slot will become available again, and you can assign the same slot to another patient.
If a patient books an online appointment with a doctor and has already made the payment, what if they wish to cancel the appointment and request a refund?
  • Go to the ‘Manage Appointments’ page.
  • Select the specific appointment from the list by selecting the date and proceed to cancel it by choosing the cancellation reason.
  • Open the patient’s bill in which the payment and package have been added, add a payment refund entry for the corresponding amount, and remove the online consultation package through billing adjustment.
Have booked an online appointment for a patient, and the patient has made a direct payment to the hospital account. How can I include the payment details to confirm the appointment?
  • Check in the patient using the ‘Other Reason’ category.
  • Record the payment received (PYR) in the bill and add the online consultation package to the bill.
  • Completing these steps will confirm the appointment.
A patient has booked an appointment with doctor 'A' and has already made the payment. If she wishes to cancel the appointment and consult another doctor, 'B'. How can I handle the scenario?
  • Go to the ‘Manage Appointment’ page and proceed to cancel the appointment.
  • Go to the ‘Appointment Booking’ page and select doctor ‘B’, along with the desired date and time. Then, confirm the appointment booking.
  • Please note that there won’t be a payment requirement if both doctors belong to the same specialty, i.e., the same online consultation type and the same price.
  • If it is a different package, then you have to remove the online consultation package through billing adjustment in the latest bill.
  • Go to the ‘Appointment Booking’ page and select doctor ‘B’, along with the desired date and time. Once an appointment is booked, it will confirm if the paid amount is equal to or greater than the consultation charges for the booked appointment.
  • Otherwise, the patient will receive a payment link to pay the amount to confirm the appointment.