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General FAQs

Is HealthScore easy to learn, what does the learning curve look like?

Yes, it has intuitive user friendly interface that helps anyone to start using the application with minimal training within a day.

How can I get familiar with the software?

A combination of expert facilitated and online learning course is offered to enable the users to get familiar with the software.

Is HealthScore compatible on Desktop and smartphone?

Yes, HealthScore is accessible on web via a web browser and on smartphones and tablets via apps.

Devices & Browsers

What are the device specifications and requirements for HealthScore mobile apps?

HealthScore mobile app can be used seamlessly on Android versions 7 and above iOS version 12.4 and above.

Can I use HealthScore if I am changing my device or switching to a new device?

Yes, you can use HealthScore when changing to new device.


Is HealthScore a customisable rehabilitation software?

Yes, HealthScore is a fully customizable rehabilitation software that can be used for any speciality of medicine and healthcare.

Can I get my branding on the software?

Yes, you can get your branding on the software by applying your logo and theme colour to the HealthScore.

Is there any special training required to use HealthScore?

Yes, HealthScore has intuitive user friendly interface that helps anyone to start using the application with minimal training.

Is HealthScore user-friendly and easy to use?

Yes, HealthScore is user friendly and easy to use.

Miss Quri Bot

Can the patients use Miss Quri Bot to book appointment?

Yes, Miss Quri will help the patients to book the appointment.

Can Miss Quri connect us to customer support?

Yes, Miss Quri can connect to hospital support team through the chat option.

Can Miss Quri help with payment processing?

No. Miss Quri cannot help with payment processing.

MyPatient App

Can patients schedule and cancel their own appointment?

Patients can schedule their own appointment. They cannot cancel the appointment on their own. They need to contact the hospital for cancellation or rescheduling appointment.

How can patients update the MyPatient App to latest version?

For android- go to play store and update

For iOS- go to app store and update

Can patients call doctor from within the MyPatient App?

Patients cannot call the doctor directly. When the doctor starts the tele-consultation call, then the patients will be able to join the call through MyPatient app.

HealthScore Meet

How is HealthScore Meet better than other online meeting platforms?

Unlike other meeting platforms, there is no need to share any meeting link. It is a button click to start and join the meeting. It is more secured.

Can doctors call patients from HealthScore Meet?

Yes, Doctors can initiate a tele-consultation call from HealthScore Meet to connect to patients.

On what connection speed HealthScore meet best works

Minimum 2MBps speed is required to have an uninterrupted online consultation.

HealthScore Insights

Can I customise my reporting?

Yes, you can create customised reports based on your need using HealthScore Insights.

Do I need training to use and understand HealthScore Insights?

HealthScore Insights is an easy, drag and drop tool to create customised report by referring online resources.

Can I track appointemnts booked in HealthScore Insights?

Yes, you can track booked appointments by creating a report in HealthScore Insights.


Can I get custom quote for my specific requirements?

Yes, absolutely.

How do I book a demo of HealthScore?

You may book a demo by clicking here


Post purchase, typically how long does onboarding take?

We can setup a new provider within one day.